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FreeYond's market performance in Latin America has attracted strong attention from the Mexican mainstream media, with two mainstream media outlets, Tribuna and Excélsior, launching stories on FreeYond one after another. Tribuna highly praised FreeYond as a global brand.

On December 14, Mexican headline Tribuna published a feature on FreeYond F9 in its "Trends" section. Earlier, another major mainstream newspaper, Excélsior, had just reported on FreeYond's impact on the Latin American mobile market with the F9 and M5.

Tribuna website (meaning forum in Chinese) is a Mexican headline news media, with a target audience covering Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and other countries, with a focus on Mexico. The content covers news and views, sports, politics and economy, science and technology, trends and many other sections, with monthly views of 2.6-8.8 million.

Excélsior is a major Mexican mainstream newspaper in Mexico, founded in 1917, is the most influential newspaper in Mexico, a daily newspaper in Spanish folio, and one of the oldest and most circulated newspapers in Mexico. It is also one of the main cooperative media of Xinhua News Agency in Mexico. Its website has 10 million monthly views and its official Facebook account has 3.03 million fans, which also publishes stories about FreeYond.

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Tribuna's article entitled "Cost-effective smartphone FreeYond F9 a success in Latin America and beyond" is a great tribute to FreeYond's success in Latin America: the Shenzhen-based smartphone FreeYond F9 is having a significant impact on the leading existing cell phone brands in the Latin American market. The FreeYond F9, a smartphone from Shenzhen, is having a significant impact on the leading existing brands in the Latin American market.

According to the report, the new smartphone brand FreeYond has conquered the Latin American market with the cost-effective F9 smartphone. The phone is particularly popular among cost-conscious people, as the F9 offers incredible product value at a price of $100.

Although the FreeYond F9 was only launched in October of this year, it has already enjoyed successful sales in its established markets, including Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru. The phone is available on popular e-commerce platforms such as Mercado Libre and AliExpress, as well as in malls and retail stores. In addition, the F9 was delivered to consumers in Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and other countries.

Launched in November, the FreeYond M5 followed the success of the F9 and quickly received a boost. With a large memory capacity (128GB/256GB, 6GB/8GB RAM), three AI cameras (50MP, 8MP, 2MP) and enhanced fiberglass durability, while the back cover has a smooth and soft lenticular design, the M5 was able to bring a higher product value in the $150 price range.

With the launch of the F9 and M5 smartphones, FreeYond has quickly established itself as a disruptive player in the cost-effective smartphone market and is becoming a global brand, the report commented. With innovative and cost-effective products, FreeYond is sure to become a major player in the Latin American market and beyond.

After using its success in Latin America as a springboard, FreeYond is setting its sights globally, the report describes. f9 has already achieved early success in Africa, expanded its presence to more than a dozen countries in November through the online platform JUMIA, and established its own online presence in Central Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions through platforms such as AliExpress.

According to the report, as of December 6, FreeYond had established partnerships with offline agencies in 30 countries, and that number is expected to reach 50 by the end of the year, including the imminent signing of country agents in key markets such as Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Mexican mainstream media broadsheet Excélsio reports on FreeYond's impact on the Latin American mobile market with the F9 and M5

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