Heavyweight Recognition: FreeYond was awarded the "50 Most Innovative Companies of the 21st Century (Nationwide)"


Recently, the 21st Century Venture Capital Institute officially released the " 50 Most Innovative Companies of the 21st Century: MIC50" and its innovative interpretation.

In the list of MIC50 winners, there are stars in the meta-universe like DataMesh, leaders in the new energy automotive industry like Ceres Automotive, big names in the chip industry like YUSUR and Haiguang Information, and big names in consumer electronics like DJI, Xiaomi, Leifin, Huabao New Energy, and Segway-Ninebot, as well as proud Internet companies like East Buy and Bilibili. The fact that FreeYond, as a start-up less than a year old, can be included in this list shows that its innovation has been fully recognized by research institutions.

In the published explanation of the award, the 21st Century Venture Capital Institute had this to say about FreeYond

The company of FreeYond brand is called FreeYond Technology, which is committed to redefining consumer electronics with Technology 4.0 by applying cutting-edge high-tech technologies such as AI, brain-computer interface, myoelectric technology, IVD, cloud technology, quantum encryption, and satellite communication to the consumer electronics industry through its core pivotal product, the smartphone. This company, founded in Shenzhen on May 9, 2022 by Dr. Yu Lei, former Global Vice President of Gionee Group, has successfully developed agents in 30 countries and regions such as South America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia with its two cell phones F9 and M5 and unique DTC Pro model, and the online layout is basically completed, while the number of offline country agents is still growing rapidly. It is "crazy" to have the courage to start a cell phone, but FreeYond's development speed is "even crazier", they believe that today's "Total Intelligence Era" still has huge space and market gaps to be explored, and that FreeYond is not just about cell phones, but about high-tech ecology. Dr. Yu Lei and his team will give mobile phones and consumer electronics another definition with their "offbeat" brand spirit. 

The list is the result of a special study conducted by the 21st Century Venture Capital Research Institute and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the "intellectual support unit", and is known as "China's innovation value and investment wind vane".

The MIC50 has been held for 9 years now and covers the entire industry sector horizontally with "innovation" as the only keyword.

The MIC50 is based on the three perspectives of "difference, revelation, and importance", four scales of "product innovation, profitability, brand awareness, and development potential", and subdivided into "data power, profit model, growth performance The 50 most innovative companies of the year were evaluated based on ten dimensions: data power, profitability model, growth performance, organizational structure, management operation, product development, service ecology, user and channel change, brand building, and open cooperation. This year, 153 new companies were added to the MIC50 database.

The MIC50 says of the winning "fast companies".

They are able to continue to grow and evolve in good times while remaining resilient and persistent in bad times - they exemplify innovation in another sense: adapting to the environment, embracing change, and inspiring tradition, while persevering for good.

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