FreeYond , a New Star Shines at the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo


It’s the first time that FreeYond participated in exhibitions and chose the 3rd China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, an significant bridge between China and Africa in economy and trade.

At the Expo, FreeYond shined through, and the products were fervently sought after by African clients.

On June 29, the 3rd China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and Hunan Provincial People's Government, opened in Changsha. The Expo will close on July 2, with an open day for non-professional visitors on July 1-2.

Outside the Main Exhibition Hall of Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center

Overflowing crowds were the norm at the FreeYond booth

Government Officials from Many Countries Visited, Harvested Potential Clients and Field Procurement

This was the first domestic exhibition that FreeYond participated in.

Although it was a standard booth, we put in a lot of manpower and resources, and all team members participated with full passion and enthusiasm.

In the first two days, FreeYond received visits from hundreds of senior officials from African countries, foreign businessmen and friends from Chinese enterprises.

FreeYond's smartphones M5, M5A, F9 and F9S, smartwatches F1 and S1, and TWS headphones Pods1 are in high demand. Some said they were for their own use, others specified that they would like to give them to their families, and they purchased multiple pieces, carrying full bags, each was happy with the pleasant purchase.

By the afternoon of the second day, several product models were out of stock and required reservations. Fortunately, the restocked products were able to be renewed on the third day so that subsequent visitors would not fail to get what they want.

Exhibitors in the neighboring booths said that FreeYond was so popular! We became the star of Hall E1 of the Expo with a steady stream of visitors from all industries in six halls.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Benin (first from left) visited and kindly invited FreeYond to invest in Benin

The Labor Minister of Namibia (second from left) led an economic and trade delegation of nearly 20 people to visit our booth

Officials of the Ministry of Industry and Finance of Benin become the fans of FreeYond

In addition to government officials from various countries, a large number of foreign businessmen visited our booth and were successfully captured by FreeYond and became potential clients.

Among them are practitioners in the mobile phone industry, as well as elites engaged in other industries such as investment, finance and industry.

Mozambique client, a financial executive

Burundi clients sat down for consultation

Pakistani clients paid more attention to price

Saudi Arabian clients looked at our products carefully

This Iraqi client was very detailed in his inquiry

Bangladeshi fellows bought 6 pieces at once

A lady with star look inquired

Calculated the price carefully and found it very OK!

Released the Prices of 7 Products in the African Market with Jumia's Full Support

On the morning of the 29th, FreeYond held the first product launch of the Expo in the press conference area of Hall E1, releasing seven major products such as M5, M5A, F9, F9S, Pods1, Watch S1 and F1, as well as African market prices. Chang Shidan, FreeYond’s co-founder and CEO, gave the keynote speech, and Tian Fulong, the former member of the Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference, founder of the Huxiang Cultural Research Association of Hunan Province and famous culture scholar, and Zhao Shuo, Commercial Director of Jumia China, a major e-commerce platform in Africa, attended and delivered speeches.

Address by Tian Fulong, former member of the Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference and famous culture scholar

Mr. Tian Fulong, former member of the Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference, founder of the Huxiang Cultural Research Association of Hunan Province and famous culture scholar, made an address. Mr. Tian, who is in his 80s, expressed his warm welcome to the friends from all over the world who attended the Expo, and fully affirmed the achievements of FreeYond since its establishment one year ago. He expected that FreeYond would play a greater role in China-Africa economic, trade and cultural exchanges. Mr. Tian said in excitement, "Participating in the product launch of FreeYond has made me feel younger, and FreeYond is worthy of being an up-and-coming brand."

Shidan Chang, FreeYond’s co-founder and CEO, delivered a keynote speech

Chang Shidan, FreeYonds co-founder and CEO, delivered a keynote speech. He introduced FreeYond's development history and the vision of Redefining Consumer Electronics with Technology 4.0, and released 7 products. Among them, the newly launched FreeYond M5A and F9S, which have stronger competitiveness compared to their predecessors, are favored by agents in many countries.

Zhao Shuo, Commercial Director of Jumia China, delivered a keynote speech. In her speech, she highlighted the cooperation between Jumia and FreeYond. In the partnership that started at the end of last year, Jumia gave FreeYond full platform support, and FreeYond has lived up to its reputation by achieving quite impressive results, entering the Top 5 and Top 9 of the transversal brands in Kenya and Nigeria respectively within 3 months.

She declared that Jumia and FreeYond would soon sign an annual framework cooperation agreement. She expected that FreeYond would achieve even more impressive results in Jumia and in Africa.

Keynote Speech by Zhao Shuo , Commercial Director of Jumia China

Introduction of FreeYond's Outstanding Performance on Jumia by Zhao Shuo

Chang Shidan (Co-founder & CEO), Li Jian (Co-founder & CMO), Jiang Changlan (Vice President), Ren Wenchang (Vice President) and Zhao Shuo (Vice President) unveiled the African price of FreeYond products

FreeYond has experienced another memorable "first".

In the future, there are innumerable "firsts" waiting for FreeYond.

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