Professional evaluation of FreeYond F9 by Russian media: a smart phone with high cost performance


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Original title: FreeYond F9: a smart phone with high cost performance

Author: Semyon

Date: November 18, 2022

FreeYond F9 is a smart phone in the price range of the mass market. Its functions and parameter configurations are quite good. At 4500 rubles, the screen display effect of the phone is very good, the camera is good, and the battery life is excellent. At the same time, it is also equipped with the latest operating system and a good CPU processor. This smart phone is very suitable as a second phone for one person, as well as for children, the elderly and other groups, or as a work phone, because this scenario does not require powerful performance and high price segments. I personally bought this smartphone as my main phone. And it's perfect: the price is not expensive, all the applications you need can be downloaded and used, you don't need games, you can install FamilyLink, the battery life is long, there is Type-C interface and high-quality screen.

One thing I must say is that this phone is very cost-effective. Among smart phone products in this price range, FreeYond F9 performs well in high-performance mobile phone testing and game mode. In this price range, FreeYond F9 is one of the best products I can find. Competitors in this price range include Infinix Smart 6 (larger for children), Red Rice 10A (smaller memory), and Realme C30 (smaller memory). The price of most smartphones with better performance is twice that of FreeYond F9, which is basically beyond my budget. So I decided to buy FreeYond F9.

Configuration parameters of FreeYond F9:

-Memory: 2G+64GB

-CPU processor: Unisoc SC9863A

-Battery: 5000mAh

-Operating system version: Android 12GO, supporting future updates

-Screen: 6.52 "inch, IPS

-Camera: rear camera: main camera 13 million pixels (F2.2)+macro camera 2 million pixels (F2.4). Front camera 8 megapixel

In order to see more clearly, I made a comparison chart:

FreeYond F9 Packaging

The external package of FreeYond F9 is very beautiful. There are color printed mobile phone pictures and specifications. The store gave a very good quality POLO shirt as a gift.

In addition to the smart phone itself, there is also a silicone case, Type-C cable, European standard 10W charging head, Sim pin, and product manual.

Introduce the accessories in the packaging box in detail.

The product manual is in English. The instructions are also very detailed, but they are not very useful because few people read the instructions on how to use smart phones.

USB Type-C cable and 10W charger. Their appearance design is very beautiful, but they do not support the fast charging protocol (by the way, other smartphones do not support it either).

Silicone protective shell, good quality, moderate hardness. It can protect your smartphone well. Some people will say that this silicone protective shell is only for temporary use. You can choose a more interesting and better protective shell from Aliexpress. But I would like to say that I am very satisfied with my smart phone with such a silicone protective case.

A POLO shirt. The top 100 users who buy FreeYond F9 can get a POLO shirt for free. From the buyer's comments, the manufacturer randomly placed a POLO shirt or a baseball cap for the buyer. I got POLO shirt, so I'll show you.

This POLO shirt is made of fine cotton with a little synthetic fiber added. It is soft to touch and well made. This T-shirt will be very comfortable in summer. The XXL size fits me perfectly. Very thin people look like they are hanging on a coat hanger.

The front of the POLO shirt is the FreeYond brand name, and the back is the company slogan: Next Generation Smartphone. Of course, for a mass market mobile phone manufacturer in the price range, this is a very dreamy and shocking slogan. We will continue to pay attention to the future development of FreeYond.

Let's take a look at the smartphone itself:

FreeYond F9 has no complicated function design, and its overall appearance will be classic. There is a whole cell phone screen in the front, a rear camera, buttons on both sides, and speakers and microphones at the bottom.

The size of the phone is 165 * 76 * 9.2 mm.

There are two cameras on the back: the main camera 13 megapixel (F2.2)+the macro camera 2 megapixel (F2.4). There is a big bright spot. The back cover itself is plastic, but it looks like anodized aluminum.

The upper end of the phone has no connector. At the bottom, there is a speaker jack, a Type-C port, a microphone jack, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

On the left is the SIM card slot. Here, you can place two SIM cards or a combination of SIM+MicroSD cards. There is a matching volume button and a power button with a built-in fingerprint sensor on the right.

On the front is a 6.52-inch HD+IPS display with a resolution of 1600x720 pixels. Above the screen is an almost unobtrusive earpiece and an island shaped front 8 megapixel camera.

On the whole, I am very satisfied with the quality of materials, workmanship and appearance of products. The quality and functions of this mobile phone are much better than those of other brands in the same price range, which is a great advantage.

The screen display of FreeYond F9 has good resolution and color rendering. The IPS screen is good, the color rendering is also saturated, and the tilt screen viewing effect is also good.

However, as this is a $100 smart phone for the public, the screen resolution and refresh rate of the product are not particularly high. Of course, the products in this price range cannot be compared with flagship products.

operating system

After a strict evaluation of the appearance of the phone, we continue to check the internal configuration of the phone. Of course, I will not dismantle the machine to check the internal components. I mean the software operating system. This phone is equipped with a simplified version of the Android 12 Go system. From the perspective of normal use effect, it is not obviously different from the Android 12 with normal configuration, which is not perceived artificially.

When you start your phone for the first time, the user must go through the standard initial setup procedures: language selection, network selection, input certificate, etc.

After the initial setup, we are most familiar with the mobile desktop, which is a clean Android system. This is a very good thing, because I don't like mobile phone manufacturers to put unnecessary element plug-ins into the operating system. The screen is also a common Android 12 system, with all necessary elements. The application menu switches using the familiar slide up style.

As I said above, FreeYond is equipped with the Android 12Go system, which is very good for this popular price segment. When you install the software, you will not have any problems such as getting stuck or having a bad system.

The memory of the phone is 64Gb. I think this is the minimum amount of memory that the phone needs now. Today, the space for smart phones that buy 32Gb of memory is completely insufficient. Among the available 64Gb, 6.9Gb is occupied by the Android system, and the rest is available for users.

By the way, an update request appears immediately after the phone is activated. This is quite good for a mass price range smartphone, which indicates that the manufacturer will continue to follow up the use experience of the product after the product release, and continue to optimize and improve.

In call mode, there is no problem with the phone. This mobile phone has good network coverage, 4G works well, and signal reception is good. I didn't encounter any problems with voice transmission when I called.

However, since FreeYond F9 uses 4G chips, there are some problems with Wi Fi, only 2.4GHz. Because several devices in my home are already running on Wi Fi 6 or at least 5GHz. I hope to support 5G and 5GHz Wi Fi on smartphones in this price range. Of course, the most important thing is whether the CPU processor of the phone supports 5G.

In general, although Unisoc SC9863A is not the top CPU processor, the system will still run smoothly. The menu switching speed is fast, and all operations and interactions are smooth. Of course, if you run an application with a large memory, you will feel that the phone has a slight delay, but there is no phone failure, not to mention a crash. If you don't compare with high-end flagship smart phones, this phone will be very easy to use. It can even run simple games. For example, I can play tank games in several different scenarios without any problem of jamming. In low configurations, I can drag from head to tail.

Of course, you don't need FreeYond F9 to play Yuanshen or PUBG, a game that requires great calculation. Because the running speed of the Unisoc SC9863A is equivalent to that of the Snapdragon 625/630 processor (just a simple comparison, I know it will be roast), it is not suitable for running large games. For large games, you must use higher priced smartphones with more powerful chip processors.

Testing and benchmarking

In addition to games, I also conducted some other tests on my mobile phone.

FreeYond F9 scored 129 points in the single core mode and 475 points in the multi-core mode in the GeekBench 5.

PCMark test aims to test the average startup time and average CPU load of mobile phones by simulating their daily use.

According to the test results, the battery life of the smartphone FreeYond F9 is 10 hours and 5 minutes under continuous use. The test starts when the phone is 99% charged and ends when there is 20% left. In fact, the actual battery life of this mobile phone can be longer. This is a very good test result, which shows that under normal use conditions, the power of the mobile phone can support for one day.

Test the mobile phone screen with the evaluation software Sling Shot, and the score of this mobile phone is 663.

The next test is the CPU power optimization capability test, which requires the CPU to run continuously for half an hour.

As can be seen from the chart, this mobile phone performs very well during the test. Although not the best in GIPS functions, the running efficiency did not decrease significantly in the half hour test. In addition, I also made some screenshots with Aida64, which may be useful to you.

As everyone guessed, the chip processor of this mobile phone is not star level, but its performance is enough. For smart phones with popular price range, the processor has very good performance. The operating system is also very clean. If you don't download many unnecessary applications, the phone will continue to run smoothly for a long time. The 5000mAh battery is also an advantage.

Camera test

In addition, I would like to emphasize the performance of the camera. Although this is a smart phone in the public price range, the camera still amazes me.

Let's start with the camera interface. This is excellent. There are separate macro mode settings and professional mode settings. You can manually adjust the camera settings. There are time delay photography, filters, HDR (validated), QR scanning mode and night mode.

In a sunny environment, you can get good photos.

The digital zoom performs well. These are two photos taken from the same place, and they were taken at the same focal length and zoom.

But at dusk, the camera can't take a good picture. There are some noise and masking points, which will still exist in more high-end flagship mobile phone products. Setting the phone to night mode is a little helpful, but if you take a picture with your hand, there will be some blurry places.

In terms of night mode photography, the realization effect will be slightly less. However, you can't expect a $70 smart phone to have the shooting effect of a $500 smart phone product.

As for the front camera, it has 8 megapixels. For video calls, this is enough. In good light, you can even take good quality self portraits.

In a word, the camera is quite good in terms of its price. Of course, it is not the flagship 48 million pixels, but it is certainly not the low-end image quality we are used to seeing in mobile phones within this price range.


Overall, this phone is definitely worth buying. It has the following advantages:.

-The latest version of the operating system Android 12.

-5000mAh large battery.

-High quality IPS screen

-Real dual rear camera

-Processors for daily needs

-Huge memory space 64Gb

-Beautiful design

-Reasonable price

Of course, what I want to say also has several disadvantages:

-5G and WIFI 5GHz are not supported

-Macro camera with little use

-The memory is 2GB (although the memory is very small, this is a low price product. It is questionable whether this is listed as a sub item).

-Sim Card's combination tray (the popularity of this solution has passed).

No more.

To be exact, in terms of its price, this mobile phone is good for children, the elderly, or people who do not need games, and all the basic functions are well done. Compared with similar products, FreeYond F9 wins in several aspects. So I can safely recommend this phone.

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