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Job NameJob CategoryJob AddressRelease Time
  • Head of Douyin e-commerceSales category-2023-01-06

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. According to the company's strategic layout, responsible for the overall planning, content construction, tonality control, annual marketing plan formulation and other overall operation management work of Douyin e-commerce platform, and responsible for leading the team to complete the sales target of Doujian e-commerce set by the company;

    2. Responsible for formulating marketing and promotion strategies and policies that meet the needs of the company's product and brand development according to the gameplay rules, algorithm mechanism and operation mode of Douyin platform, and controlling the production direction of short video content from the aspects of product, content, users and promotion;

    3. Responsible for daily operation, process optimization, product update, new promotion and popular models creation of Douyin store, including product market positioning.Brand operation direction selection, store policy formulation, store flow planning, structure planning, store marketing plan, window merchandise management, after-sales management, event registration and event planning implementation, selection and participation of selected alliance plans, doant distribution management, short video and live streaming operation (if any) to improve the overall store experience, store level, DSR score, etc. And maintain close communication with Douyin e-commerce junior students;

    4. Establish a clear Douyin operation system according to the company's strategic planning, industry characteristics, target audience characteristics, and user behavior preference analysis, dig into user needs deeply, use activities and brand marketing to enhance the activity of the overall platform, enhance the influence of products in the industry, carry out marketing activities for different promotion channels, and coordinate various resources to cooperate with the implementation. Introduce valuable PV and UV to the store;

    5. Responsible for the analysis and monitoring of daily data of Douyin e-commerce, including marketing data, transaction data, etc. Responsible for establishing effective data tracking mechanism, tracking video promotion effects, analyzing data and giving feedback, summarizing and optimizing key data, adopting effective operation methods to increase the number of fans and attention of the account, improving fan activity and fan stickiness, and finally achieving realization and transformation;

    6. Cooperated with brand, logistics and other relevant departments to realize sales volume transformation, and was responsible for key indicators such as business operating cost, profit, sales volume and inventory;

    7. Responsible for building and managing the operation team of Douyin e-commerce and the talent training of content e-commerce merchants; responsible for the development of team performance objectives and assessment mechanism; and efficient management of the team;

    8. Responsible for establishing external content cooperation mechanism, screening, optimizing and managing cooperation channels and external institutional resources of Douyin Dozhan;

    Job Requirements:

    1, male and female, under 35 years old, college degree or above, with Taobao, Jingdong, Pinduoduo e-commerce operation and management experience is preferred;

    2. Familiar with mobile phone industry, with more than 3 years of experience in operation and management of Douyin e-commerce (live streaming, video delivery, private traffic conversion, etc.), successful trading cases or rich resources are preferred;

    3. Proficient in the rules and rules of Douyin platform and the algorithm logic of Douyin, with strong overall planning and control ability, able to use the rules and rules of the platform to lead the team to achieve rapid breakthrough and development of the business;

    4. Good at Douyin store operation (store management, user operation, data operation, etc.), able to catch internal and external traffic sensitibly, drive product sales, and achieve steady growth of sales targets;

    5. Have good user experience perception and consumption demand mining ability, strong logical thinking and data analysis ability, can flexibly control and adjust the operation direction according to the characteristics of the platform and product characteristics, and develop effective marketing promotion and sales strategy;

    6. Strong knowledge transfer and decision-making ability, able to quickly identify the work entry point, and use the mature methodology in the past to quickly carry out various work;

    7. Experience in team management of live broadcasting and short video;


  • Responsible person of domestic e-commerceSales category-2023-01-06

    Job responsibility

    1. In charge of the overall operation of the company's e-commerce projects, the formulation of e-commerce operation plans, and the operation management of e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, Jingdong and new media (Douyin Xiaohongshu);

    2. Planning and optimization of drainage channels, product positioning and activity promotion to promote the transformation and growth of e-commerce business and improve brand influence;

    3. Planned and established e-commerce teams, developed training, assessment, incentive and other team management systems;

    4. Formulated store development goals, marketing plans, operation strategies and promotion strategies according to the company's overall development strategy, and completed performance assessment;

    5. Analyzed operation strategies according to industry dynamics, market conditions, industry data, competitive products, etc., proposed feasible measures for store sales, and implemented them;

    6. Integrated platform resources, enhanced brand communication and improved operation management;

    Job Requirements: (This position is responsible for domestic e-commerce)

    1. College degree or above, with more than 5 years of e-commerce operation management experience, forward-looking vision and insight on e-commerce development, with successful cases of new media operation, new media resources are preferred (the priority of mobile phone industry);

    2. Proficient in the management and operation of domestic e-commerce platforms, with mature e-commerce operation cases and rich experience in operation planning and marketing promotion;

    3. Have responsibility and dedication, leadership, executive ability, management ability and coordination ability, and have the ability and experience to lead a team independently;


  • Sales executive at AliExpressSales category-2023-01-06

    Job responsibility

    1. Managed AliExpress account, optimized online products, put new products on the shelves, and ensured normal operation of the store;

    2. Analyzed market conditions, formulated Aliexpress sales plans, adjusted prices, and achieved sales targets;

    3. Timely adjusted AliExpress sales strategy, regularly collected sales data of AliExpress, and improved sales performance of AliExpress stores;

    4. Maintained the security of AliExpress account and properly handled complaints and disputes;

    Job requirements

    1. College degree or above, more than one year AliExpress experience, familiar with 3C category (mobile phone sales is preferred);

    2. Familiar with the B2C market of foreign trade e-commerce, familiar with Aliexpress platform policies, able to timely respond to changes in platform rules, and have their own methods and opinions;

    3. Interested in international e-commerce industry, keen interest in online sales and enthusiasm for work, willing to grow together with the team.


  • Head of operations at AmazonSales category-2023-01-06

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for team building, talent training and team management

    2. Familiar with the operation and platform rules of Amazon sites in America and Europe, and maintained the account security of the department store

    3. Formulated sales plans and strategies based on the company's main categories, and achieved the team's sales and profit targets

    4. Formulated the operation strategy, promotion strategy and inventory management strategy of each site within the group, and controlled the core indicators

    5. Improve pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services to improve the store's praise rate and good credit

    Job Requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, CET-4 or above, good English reading and writing ability

    2. More than 3 years working experience in e-commerce field, and more than 1 year working experience as sales supervisor in Amazon

    3. Recognized OKR, with strong project management ability and project promotion ability

    4. Familiar with the policies and regulations of Amazon sites, and have rich experience in maintaining and managing accounts

    5. Have successful experience in building popular listing, and recognize the development trend of Amazon brand


  • Independent station managerSales category-2023-01-06

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the overall operation and daily management of the company's independent station, responsible for team building, operation and promotion strategy formulation, and ensure account security.

    2. Responsible for setting strategic goals of the team, such as sales, profit margin, etc.;

    3. Pay attention to the development trends and trends of the industry, pay attention to the independent marketing model of competitors to make strategic decisions conducive to the long-term development of the company.


    1. Bachelor degree or above, proficient in English reading and writing;

    2. At least 3 years' experience in platform operation, sales and management of independent stations, and at least 2 years' experience in team management; Experience in building a station

    3. Have a deep understanding of the cross-border e-commerce industry, have a keen market awareness and quick learning ability, can dynamically adjust the website operation strategy according to related industries;


  • Head of cross-border e-commerce operationSales category-2023-01-06

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for Southeast Asia e-commerce (Shopee&Lazada) business team building, sales, management and operation, and achieved performance targets;

    2. Developed annual operating goals, marketing plans and expense budgets, and led the team to achieve established revenue targets

    3. Responsible for tracking product operation data, analyzing user behavior and feedback, and promoting the improvement of product user experience according to the product attributes of the brands of each platform and the characteristics of consumers in the market;

    Job Requirements:

    1. College degree or above, CET-4 or above;

    2. More than 1 year experience in Southeast Asia operation team management;

    3. Familiar with policies and procedures of e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia;

    4, mobile phone industry, 3C digital work experience is preferred


  • Three persons in charge of overseas countries are resident abroadSales category-2023-01-04

    1. Develop national branch management strategies

    2. Set up personnel organization in line with the implementation of strategic planning, lead the team, and improve the team's combat effectiveness

    3. Business management and business development

    Job Requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in science, engineering or business is preferred.

    At least 2 or 3 years working experience in related field or industry, experience in realme, Xiaomi, Anke etc is preferred;

    3, Fluent English, local language bonus points, can be used as the working language (Spanish/Portuguese);

    4. Master excellent business management skills, excellent channel management skills, excellent communication skills, excellent talent identification and interview skills

  • E-commerce Operation ManagerSales categoryShen Zhen-Fu Tian2022-07-20

    Job description: 

    1. Responsible for the construction, sales, management and operation of the business team of shopee & lazada, and complete the performance indicators;

    2. Formulate annual operation goals, marketing plans and expense budgets, and lead the team to achieve the established revenue targets;

    3. According to the product attributes of the brands of each platform and the characteristics of market consumers, be responsible for tracking product operation data, analyzing user behavior and feedback, and promoting the improvement of product user experience;

    Job requirements: 

    1. College degree or above, CET-4 or above;

    2. More than three years of management experience in Southeast Asia E-commerce team;

    3. Familiar with Southeast Asia e-commerce platform policies and processes.

    4. Working experience in mobile phone industry, 3C digital is preferred.

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